River - exploit fold vs pot bet

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River - exploit fold vs pot bet

Hand History

Villain is unknown
C-bet on the flop/turn is pretty standard imo.
River is complicated.
First, I have a Ace heart blocker which is good.
However, since it is CO vs BTN, it isn't valuable as in early position.
he can definitely have lots of FD
Also, it is micro. it isn't hard to see fishes call 3bet with any suited connector, such as 43s.
so, there are various FD

Do you guys think river check is okay?
I would c/c otr if he bets half pot or little bit more.
Unfortunately, he pot bets.
Hmm... first, i would think about call, if villain is good reg.
otr, check means my range is capped.
so good reg would definitely attack by pot-overbet
but as i said, it is micro and people are not bluffing enough.
big bet means big hands, most of time.
so I c/f.

How do you think?
How about b/f otr? cuz i have Ace heart. may be less than 1/2 bet and fold vs raise.

wanna hear your opinion

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