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Setting Up GTO+ to Review Situations

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Setting Up GTO+ to Review Situations

Hello - I have GTO+ but to be honest I am not really sure how to go about effectively setting it up to review certain situations I come across when playing. I would like to be able to dedicate some time to studying, but am in over my head on how to actually set it up. Can someone direct me to videos or a write-up on how to go about doing this? Some of the situations I would like to dive into are:

  1. 3bet/Call from the blinds vs LP opens and then subsequent flops
  2. Cbets OOP in a SRP as the initial raiser
  3. Flatting 3bets by the blinds from my own LP opens and then subsequent flops

As the player pool I play in is rather limited (you will see the same Regs at multiple stake levels, it would also be nice to use GTO+ to develop strategies against particular individuals given how often we cross paths.

I would really appreciate any guidance, thank you.

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