SFD oop facing a raise (130bb) against a fun player

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SFD oop facing a raise (130bb) against a fun player

($3/$5 / 9 handed)
2 folds
hero ($650) opens MP KdTd $20
MP ($800+) calls $20
5 folds.
HU to the flop.

Villain is whale of the game playing vpip 90 / pfr 30. Friend of mine said he lost about 8k day before and is in for about 3k today ($500 cap).

I wasn't sure of the best line to take on the flop given awkward stack sizes. I find villain will raise a lot of his top pairs hands, call with a lot of middle pairs, then draws are some what mixed in. He is also capable of raising hands like KQ here. I am just guessing how he plays really, he is a bit unorthodox with his style. 1 hour he is extremely passive, next hour he is extremely aggro. I didn't want to just flat call and get blown off my hand on the turn or try to make a hand to get paid off. Also if I raise to like $300 here, I only leave myself with half a PSB left on the turn. What is the correct sizing / play?

Flop ($44) Jd9d4s
Hero cbet $25
V raises to $90
Hero all in $630

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