Should i switch to MTTs?

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Should i switch to MTTs?

Hey so ive been playing zoom 6 max for the past year i dont do anything else as i went all in on it paused my college year and everything....after half a year i was rly crushing the limits all the way to NL25 zoom where i ran 5bb100 for 200k hands but then suddenly i had a major tilt downswing where i lost 50% of my bankroll and i was forced to play NL10 again the thing is all of a sudden i started to become break even even tho i put in so much of my time into studying every spot every player tendencies and all that stuff so i became hugely demotivated,I usually play 8-10k hands per day and after playing for that long for days when u dont get results its rly i was wondering should i try MTTs and SNGs? I saw there are alot of rec players who dont rly know what they are doing in them and it might be profitable? I just feel like i wasted so much studying on 6 max if i change now,your oppinions?

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