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Shove to check 3bet pot 50nl

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Shove to check 3bet pot 50nl

Micro anon table so no specific reads other then villain seemed reggish.

Data points making me want to shove:

  • Our hand only has marginal showdown value and one of the worse hands we get here with
  • In general villains fold too much to a bet when they check. Its notoriously hard to balance checking ranges in basically every spot.

Data point(s) that make me want to check:

-We beat high cards. Not many naked high card hands left in villains range but its something.
-This card strikes me as a great barrel card for villain yet he s not taking the opportunity. Im often weary when villains do this as it often means they got something to showdown.

At 50nl anon tables BB 3 bets ~11% on avg vs BTN. Could be higher vs me as I min open and open likely noticeably wide. Obv assumptive that villains are picking up on this but doesn t seem like I just rob the blinds completely like at 10 or 20nl.

Any other data points to consider? Whats your decision?

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