sick spot at 500z 450 bigs effective vs river jam.

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sick spot at 500z 450 bigs effective vs river jam.

Blinds: $2.50/$5.00 (6 Players) BN: $589.21
SB: $2233.09
BB: $2651.84 (Hero)
UTG: $2260.20
MP: $708.97
CO: $2139.15
Preflop ($7.50) Hero is BB with 4 Q
4 folds, SB raises to $15.00, Hero calls $10.00
Flop ($30.00) 5 T Q
SB bets $15.00, Hero calls $15.00
Turn ($60.00) 5 T Q 4
SB bets $40.00, Hero calls $40.00
River ($140.00) 5 T Q 4 Q
SB bets $135.00, Hero raises to $599.99, SB raises to $2163.09 and is all in, Hero calls $1563.10

this hand was vs a presumed fish whom I didn't have many hands on but seemed to be on the tighter side. i'm pretty much at the top of my range here- I don't have QQ/TT/55 ever. sometimes have 44 but would almost always raise the turn with it if I floated with the 4 of spades and binked it on the turn. I don't defend Q5o/Q4o. Q5s I would sometimes have in my range, perhaps 50% of the time. and Q4s I would never raise the flop or turn so I have 100% of the time.

the question is-1 is he ever bluffing??
and 2- is he jamming worse for value??

1-in my opinion its extremely unlikely he is bluffing unless he turn a hand such as KQ in to a bluff- putting me on Q4/44 of course and knowing he doesn't beat any value but blocks top boat and unblocks 44 which can basically never ever call vs the jam. so actually bluffing KQ makes quite a lot of sense here in my opinion. but again, I believe he was a rec so he may never do this.

2- not sure but maybe?? if he's a rec he might think I'm raising a Q here like QJ on the river and jam TT/55 or maybe even AQ. again, unlikely but certainly a possibility.

would like to hear some people's opinions, especially those who play 500z or perhaps even higher. cheers.

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