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Simple Spot

Hero raise LJ As2s 3bb
Recreational player w 100bb Calls CO

Heads up to flop
Pot = 7bb

When I play against a recreational, I am typically asking myself the question "can I get called by worst", "can I get a better hand to fold". This hand specifically falls into a strange area, where if I bet, I am really only getting worst hands to fold(while also cleaning up equity), and better hands to call. Of course, there will be some A high that can float, and some draws. The draws, however, will have good equity, and a very easy time winning the pot on later streets. My question is, what are our reasons for betting here?

The best I can come up with is
A) if we risk 1/3 of pot, we certainly win 25% to make the bet profitable. But we don't achieve getting called by much worst, and really only get worst hands to fold for the most part. Why is this good?

The logic of the bet only needing to work X amount of time is not sufficient for other areas in the game(7c6c on a Jh8h7s), so what is a better way of seeing this situation that would make more sense?

Very basic spot, that I'm not sure I have a great fundamental understanding of. Curious if anyone has anything to add to this.

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