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Simplify Multiple Bet-sizing Strategy by Pio

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Simplify Multiple Bet-sizing Strategy by Pio

Hi there,

It is generally known that GTO strategy has a larger EV over the range with multiple bet sizing. Aggregation report allows us to determine which board is appropriate for each size. For example, LJ vs BB SRP: LJ can make a small size bet with whole range on K high boards, while LJ can make a bigger size bet or check on low pair boards. It's fine, imo.

So my question is, how do I get some aggregation reports of the post-turn strategy when using multiple bet-sizing on flop?

Aggregation reports of turn require specific one specific node of flop. For example, OOP checks, IP 30% pot size bets, OOP calls and then we see a turn card. But when we use multi-bet sizing on the flop, the nodes we select on the flop are different for each board. So we can not create the turn report properly over multiple boards which we use on the flop.

I was exhausted by looking into this issue, so I simplified my strategy in 3betPot flop by using one bet size. However, in the case of SRP, the EV loss is quite large when using one betsizing with whole range.

What do you guys think about this issue? I need some advice on this.

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