Solver/GTO common overfolding spots

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Solver/GTO common overfolding spots

After running a few sims , I see that there are many spots that the PRF is overfolding where I assumed it would not be . Example : Co vs bb on 7s 7c 5d rainbow. The PFR cbets 1/3rd , BB calls. Turn 2h , BB checks and PRF checks back . River 3d , BB leads out for 3/4th and PRF folds 56% of range not meeting MDF.

I know that MDF doesn't apply in a lot of spots , but i read/saw somewhere from a coach comment/live play (unsure where) that the PRF should almost always meet MDF on the river vs a lead if he has the range advantage and has option to check/ cbet on the turn. Also seen this trend in 3bet pots as well .

My guess would be that solver sees that betting on the turn with stronger hands is higher EV than checking strong hands to avoid overfolding vs a river lead.

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