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Solvers, removal and bunching effect

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Solvers, removal and bunching effect

Imagine we are in a 6-handed cash game. 4 folds, so it's BvB.

The 4 folds tell us the 4 players had 4 hands not worth playing. Even if we don't know the exact cards they folded, there is still a removal effect making it slightly more likely SB and BB have stronger hands.

Plus, there is a rarely mentioned effect, the Bunching Effect, which also considers the likelihood of cards coming down to the board.
E.g. The 4 folds make it more likely an Ace to come on the Flop as this is the most present card in opening ranges from every position, especially earlier ones.

If you need a more detailed mathematical explaination of these effects, you can find it here:

I'm wondering if solvers are considering these effects in their algorithms. Anyone knows ?

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