Squeeze AKof vs CO reg and i get cold 4bet vs reg in SB 220bb deep

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Squeeze AKof vs CO reg and i get cold 4bet vs reg in SB 220bb deep

Since the site i play on don't have any converters or anything like that.Im writing the hand instead..The hands are played in swedish KR and its around 40nl$

I pick up AKof(AhKs) in BTN.CO opens and i 3bet to 44sek(11bb) since CO is a fish.SB cold 4bets to 132..(33bb)..We are 220bb deep.So i decide to call this.Flop:TA5dd.SB cbets 1/3.I call.Turn is a Jd.He checks.Since the Ad and Jd is out there,theres less flushes in this guys range,in general theres not that many flushes.And im thinkin,if this guy has the same hand as i have,i might be able to make him fold that out by the river.So i bet 200sek into a 450sekish pot to set up a okay jam OTR. So when i bet 200sek into that 450sek pot..When i bet OTT the pot gets blown up to 850sek if villain calls also.So if we get to the river,its a 850sek pot and i got 550sek behind

Would it be a better option to raise flop? I would def jam if we where 100bb deep. But this deep,im alittle bias on what would be the best possible strategy.. Turn bet..Should i have made that smaller,like 1/3? and is my thought process okay? IF the guy jams..What would u think his potential bluffs are here?

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