Squeeze, Call, or Fold

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Squeeze, Call, or Fold

2/5 game. I am sitting with about $700. My image is TAG who is capable of bluffing. Have 3bet twice in 2 hours, but neither went to showdown.

UTG opens to $20 (~$500) TAG
UTG + 1 calls (Fun Player but has become tighter in the last hour-~$800)
MP Calls (~$500) TAG

Hero dealt 98s: ?

I think 3bet > Call but not sure. Fold might be better than both, but this hand seems a little too strong for that. What is your standard here?
UTG is definitely opening a decently wide range for UTG-probably all PPs, suited aces, broadways, suited connectors etc...
UTG+1 calling range is way too wide
MP calling range is probably pocket pair and suited connector heavy

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