Squeezing when deep

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Squeezing when deep

Live 2-5

Guy who will call 3b’s a bit too light w things like KQo from LJ makes it $20 from HJ w 340bb eff. He can be sticky and aggressive, and he also seems to have a limping range, but I think he is just limping stuff that he doesn’t think is good enough to raise. Maybe things like 65s, and mayyyybe some suites Ax or low PP. this does mean his opening range might be a bit tighter and similar to an earlier position range.

Bttn unknown calls w 200bb and is some kind of recreational

Hero is in SB w AQo and covering

In the moment I decided to fold, justifying that it was close being deep, and that I prefer to have more suitedness when playing so deep OOP. Also I just didn’t want to deal w a high variance spot in a soft game. I think I can still 3b here tho because the player can call w dominated hands, and the Bttn call is probably pretty weak too. So likely a mistake.

But this exposed a hole in my understanding. When we are deep, how do we adjust our 3betting range? I think suited hands that dominate other draws is the obvious answer. But is there a point when our offsuit combos like AQ, or maybe even AK lose enough value due to depth that we don’t want to use them as 3b’s? Probably not(AK at least)

But what about our overall 3b freq? Does our 3b % remain static, or does it decrease/increase? Or do we keep similar percentages, but choose a range of hands That dominate their draws(Axs comes to

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