Sqz pot KK, how to get max value on low boards?

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Sqz pot KK, how to get max value on low boards?

Hi everyone,

this hand seems to be pretty standard, however I wonder if I choose the highest EV line, especially on the turn.
So his range there might be sth like overpairs, maybe half of the time 77 and 88, also some FDs and even some AK, AQ with backdoors.
With the vast majority of those hands he is calling the second turn barrel.
But then the river might be really tricky.. for instance on some 5,9,T,J,Q,A rivers we probably dont have a value bet.
That makes me thinking about choosing a different line. Concretely x/shove on the turn. But I am not sure if he is going to bet with most of his overpairs,FDs and then call a raise with them.
What do you think about it?

Btw he was tanking for like 20seconds and then he folded (could make a big fold with an overpair)
(And he had only 56.5bb behind on the river)

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