Stratagies to beat people colluding

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Stratagies to beat people colluding

Hello, my friend currently is playing in a game with a lot of whales, but also some people who clearly clearly clearly are colluding all over the place, and it seems suboptimal in the spots they are trying to force people off hands where they likely just have some sort of a blocker one of their other accounts or whatever the case is, or where they are doing these weird squeeze plays, and small 6bet/folding and just crazy shit deep stack.
In terms of strategy what are some of the things we can do to fight against this? Fucking scum bags, rationalizing it's ok to steal people's money, greedy mutherfukkers, by cheating. anyways, yeah I mean obviously there is the ideas of 'don't play' but when there are so many whales and it's just clear they are doing it very very suboptimally, I just want to find a good approach for spots they are going to be super exploitable in, I mean I feel that it just changes the whole dynamic a lot hmm.
Any ideas would be appreciated thank you all

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