Systematically designing a preflop range

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Systematically designing a preflop range

I am trying to build a preflop strategy based on data from Holdem manager and solver work. I decided to start with defending the big blind vs various open sizes from the small blind. I am using data from $10 zoom.

I observe that the small blind opens 41% when folded to (1700) instances. The most common open size is 3x, followed by 2.5x and min.So I ran a simple strategy over a (representative) sample of 33 flops for a 3x open.

So here, any hand that has a number greater than 2 beneath it is more profitable to call than to fold. I'm pretty happy to now assume that these results are valid. What I don't know though and can't think of a way to figure out is "Other than premium holdings, what hands should I be 3betting?" If I 3bet and get 4bet, how should I proceed?

I don't have a big enough sample to figure out how people are actually responding to my 3bets in these spots and it would take years to build one. Also the solver runtime needed to start just toying with strategies is a lot. So I wonder if anyone knows how to figure out what approach to take with 3betting?

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