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Tackling Tilt

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Tackling Tilt

Hi guys and gals! I had some time to reflect after a recent run in with tilt, and I thought I would share my thoughts. I was playing 30nl on Pokerstars on Sunday, and found success early on. I manged to double up twice from made hands, and I was making successful bluffs as well. I was game selecting like a boss, and firing on all cylinders. I had spent a good bit of time studying on this site, watching youtube videos, and also managed to read a well known poker book. I was pumped to implement the new tactics I had learned over the past 2 weeks. After a successful day of jumping in and out of six max tables, I decided 1 more session would be a good idea. I had time left in the day and things were going well. I sat down heads up with a an unknown reg(i do not use a hud I play from my phone) and could tell he was fairly aggro. He started throwing tissue emojis at me after pushing me off a turn, which I xraised on the flop. The next hand I found AA on the button, and lead out 3bb, and he 3bet me 9bbs. I snap jammed, and was heads up vs JJ. My joy quickly turned into frustration after I found myself 4 flushed on the river. He then packed up shop and left the table. Irritated out of my mind I finely managed to find a full six max ring to sit in. Not long into this table, I had picked up AK suited on the button. I ended up heads up with the bb (who was sitting with around 56bb). Flop came 962 two toned giving me the flush draw. I lead out 1/3 pot and was xraised, and I almost instantly snap jammed. He had flopped 2 pair w 96off and i missed my draw. I know the way I played Ak was poor. Fortunately after much frustration I found it in me to simply stop playing. I started the day today looking to get back where I left off, and could not find what i wanted. I decided I was still being a little tilted and read a couple short poker books instead in between calls at my office job. I went about my day, then finally could play in the evening level headed. After the time to reflect I realized what was technically going on in my brain! When I am not titled, I am fine with winning small pots. However, when I am tilted from losing an all in, I am only satisfied if I can win huge all in pots. You maybe shit, thats what tilt is. You want to win back what you lost which is not rational. Too me this is a big realization about myself. If I lose small pots, I dont care and do not get tilted. However if i lose a whole buy in or multiple buy ins, winning small pots or hands has no meaning what so ever to me. This is a good sign I am tilted and it is time to go. Maybe this is just common sense to most of you, but to those who are still trying to zero in on their tilt it maybe something to examine. Looking to win at showdown and showdown only is not rational! Anyways, thanks for giving me an oitlet to vent and I hope this can help someone as well!

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