Teach me how to value bet

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Teach me how to value bet

Hand #1
$3/$5 game $500 effective, Hero covers.
Villain is aggro recreational player

Co opens $20, Hero BTN Th9h calls $20, SB calls, BB calls.
four ways

Flop ($80) AhJc8d
SB leads $35, BB calls, CO folds, Hero calls.

Turn ($185) AhJc8dQc
SB leads $45, BB calls, Hero calls.

River ($320) Ah-Jc-8d-Qc-4c
SB leads $70, BB folds, Hero calls.

Hand #2
SB starts the hand with roughly $400.
Hero QdQh UTG+1 opens $20 goes 4 ways BTN, SB, BB all call.

Flop ($80) J94r
SB leads $30 (Tight passive player)
BB fold
Hero calls
BTN folds
Turn ($140) J948cc
SB $50, Hero calls.
RIver ($240) J948cc3x
SB $75, Hero calls.

On both hands I think I am good 90% of the time vs the sizing and I should be raising. First hand was hoping for a brick river because BB is a bit of a calling station with top pair type hand. I am pretty sure SB has 2 pair+ here, some flushes, but would expect larger sizing. I get in my own head of keeping other weaker players in the pot and end up missing out on a lot of value instead of just trying to get stacks in because I don't have many bluffs against this player or on this texture as field caller. What sizing would you use on both hands?

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