Terrible redline, bluffing, being called and 4 hands from nl10

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Terrible redline, bluffing, being called and 4 hands from nl10

So I decided to play micros again and this time I decided to play more aggresive and bluff more. Before I played more of an abc poker. Before I had a terrible redline and now it's the same thing despite being way more aggresive. Now the thing is that in my mind it seems like I'm playing well (I have 1bb winrate over a 50k hands), it's not a big sample, I know. The thing is that my redline is going straight down, literally. I have sessions that I win a lot of hands without showdown and I'm like 'the redline should be good after this session', then I look at the graph and redline looks like shit again.

A lot of times when I try to bluff I run into top range or some ridiculous hand out of nowhere and I can't do anything BUT WHEN I have actually a hand, they find folds, even when I unblock the board when I have a bottom set for example. I'm tilted af because of this because I'm trying to play more aggresive and it's like people can see through my cards. People be calling me down with absolute garabage when I'm bluffing but when I'm value betting, they somehow fold. I can post my stats if someone would like to see.

I will post 4 hands that I played today in a session. In my mind I played those hands well:

Hand 1:

Here I decided to 3-bet with A5o and villain calls. (I don't always 3 bet those kind of hands). Villain checks and I c-bet small on this flop mostly because of me having an Ac, villain calls. On the turn villain checks and I decided to double barrel on a 2c. It doesn't change much for villain but it helps me a lot because now I can rep a flush but of course villain shoves and I have to fold.

Hand 2:

I 3 bet from SB vs UTG RFI and villain calls. I c-bet 1/3, villain calls.Turn comes 2h and it's an easy double barrel with AK, especialy with As plus we block a lot of his strong Qx but no, villain decided 3bet me on the turn and I have to fold.

Hand 3:

Here I 3-bet from BB vs UTG RFI, villain calls. I decided to c-bet with 60% and villain shoves and again, I have to fold.

Hand 4:

Villain opens from SB, I 3 bet with AJss, villain calls. Villain checks and I decided to c-bet small and get called. On the turn villain checks and I decided to double barrel for around 75. Villain shoves and we have to fold. Now, I don't know about this hand because I didn't study a lot of BvB 3b spots so I'm not sure about this hand.

Any advice or review would be appreciated.

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