[THEORY] Few "Range Construcion" Questions

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[THEORY] Few "Range Construcion" Questions

Hey guys
Ive got few theoretical questions related with range construction on Micros.
Lets say we open from CO, behind us there are 3 quite good reg players, so we are gonna be somewhat tighter.
CO open range:

We open to 2.2bb, SB 3B to 9bb.
He risks 8.5bb to win 12.2bb so he has to fold us out of the pot 70% of time, to have autoprofit.
So in the vacuum we have to defend at least 30% of what we open.

*Is it generally a good rule to start off with building defence ranges ?*

Ok so we have to defend about 1/3 off our starting range. (about 100 combos)
We will 4B for value QQ+, AK (34 combos).
We will use Bluff ratio of 1-1 against unk solid reg so number of our bluff combos is gonna be the same as value range. (34 combos)
We know we have to defend about 100 combos so 100-34-34= 32 (number of our flat combos)
So we flat next best hands after our value hands. We choose 99+, AQs, KQs,QJs,JTs.
Next best hands gonna be used as a 4B bluffs. ATs+, KTs+, QTs+.
We end up with pretty tight/nitty range.

This is our base.
On what conditions would you try to expand this range on micros ?
If we know villain tends to fold a lot to 4B, what ratio of value to bluffs would use ? 1-2, 1-3 ?

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