Theory - On 3Bet Ranges

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Theory - On 3Bet Ranges

I've downloaded new Peter Clarke's free ebook here, Modern 3Bet Ranges and I have a few questions on his ranges and 3bet in general

  1. The author suggest 2 ranges that I don't grasp fully
  2. IP vs UTG
  3. IP vs HJ
    Shouldn't our position matter a lot? I mean, If UTG opens and we are on HJ, our range should be considerably tighter than we wouldn't on BTN right?

  4. If we want to exploit an opponent who folds preflop frequently, we should include in our 3bet range, hands that block his calling/4bet range, so Ax, Kx, high cards etc.
    Now, if you have AQ for example, would you call the suited version of it and 3bet the offsuit one or just 3bet all the 16 combos?

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