This may be a silly question, and I think I answered it myself, but is slowplaying here the highest EV line?

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This may be a silly question, and I think I answered it myself, but is slowplaying here the highest EV line?

Live 2-5

Villain 1
So quick history so you can understand the insanity. Villain in this hand who is ripping it, I have seen him back raise rip A3o pre for $200 when the literal biggest nit in the room 3b him. Played with guy for a couple years and can just do all sorts of crazy stuff..

Villain 2
unknown guy, but seen him limping stuff like 96s, and making stabs postflop.

A fishy Tag player makes it $20 UTG

Villain 1 in the CO calls the $20 playing a $340 stacks

We pick up AA on the button and make it $85

The SB acted out of turn and had threw in $20, and then pulled it back and threw out the $85, he is just covering me for $800eff

The UTG player folds

The CO/Villain one jams for $340
Action on hero

So, basically we have decision to flat call to rope the SB in to a call. I think this is the highest EV line, and expect he can re overcall at least TT-QQ, AK, AQ type stuff, maybe wider.

The only issue I see presented is by letting a 3rd player in, our equity definitely is lower in a 3way situation. However, even with a player all in, the guy doesn't know me and you see really crazy stuff in live even with a player all in, so think if he flops a pair/overpair, he will call my half pot shove on basically any flop.

If he doesnt call the shove, we do get the extra $240 cold call from him the times he comes along, where if we jam maybe he hero folds JJ/QQ, which sucks pretty bad.

Think it's obviously higher EV to flat here, just higher variance. If there was one extra player in hand then I think we just have a clear jam, barring some outlandish read that someone behind will shove for us.


since this wont affect the answers, I did flat and the SB did call...

Flop came down KJxss
I jammed $450 into 1K+, SB folds and the CO that went all in had J3s! haha

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