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Thoughts on "donk"-leading the flop as a general strategy

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Thoughts on "donk"-leading the flop as a general strategy

Hi fellow members,

I like to express my thoughts and want you to join the discussion about a subject that usually gets few attention . the donk lead. It is considered a "weak" play by many people who play poker regularly because there is somehow the unspoken agreement that you have to check to the aggressor once you called a raise from the blinds.
I often see people make the standard play by x/calling all their 1 pair type hands and weaker draws (sometimes slowplaying a set on a dry board ) , x/raise with a monster hand and strong draws and seldomly with complete air but most often just x/fold it.
The problem with this is that we narrow our range either to a polarized range or a sdv-heavy range because we dont want to call oop with Jack-high (or do we?).
What if we played the hand as we were the preflop raise; for instance we call with JThh the flop comes A72 rainbow and we bet like we would if we had raised from mp and the button called. We certainly should also bet all our Ax , middle pairs and even sets in order to balance out all our bluffs.

In my mind, this play gives us following advantages:

1) We can bluff cheaply with hands that have no value.
2) We can go for thin valuebets since opponents will call with weaker hands that might check back
3) Our opponent might confuse our lead for weakness and bluffraise us when we hit a monster, because "he would never lead a set here".
4) We confuse our opponent which is always good.
5) We put maximum pressure on marginal hands while risking the minimum and we can use all three post-flop streets either for value or for (semi-)bluff purposes.

I will appreciate your comments,

Good luck at the tables,


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