Thoughts on my play, in a somewhat small pot

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Thoughts on my play, in a somewhat small pot

In the past 7 to 8 years I haven’t played any nlhe, except when waiting for other games or as part of a mix. A couple times a month I play a big but fun private 5 game mix. Some structured and some big bet.

I’m only invited some of the time because I play semi professionally and if they can fill the seat with a recreational player, they do.

10/25 NLHE 8 handed

I’ve got like $8K on the button but the effective stacks are around 3.5k.

2 players limp and hijack raises to 150.

I accidentally yank for 20 seconds, I have T4dd. I typically fold this hand 100% of the time, but because I’ve tanked they would assume I’m making a tight fold and that’s way worse than throwing away $150.

I call and we see a flop 4 ways. Pot: $625

Flop Qc 9d 3c

It checks to me, and the original raiser to my right is one of the more aggressive holdem players with a tournament background. I check back.

Turn is 4c (for a board of Qc 9d 3c 4c)

Two checks to the original raiser and he bets $300

I don’t think a 4c completes a flush for him often or makes a set or 2pair often.

I call and the other 2 players in the pot fold. The pot is now 1225.

River is the 2h (final board: Qc 9d 3c 4c 2h)

He quickly bets $600

I called.

Thoughts? Don’t know if this is standard or terrible, or not worth talking about.

Thank you in advance

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