Thoughts on playing over pairs out of position post flop (3 way)

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Thoughts on playing over pairs out of position post flop (3 way)

I often run into the same spot, holding an overpair out of position in a multi-way pot (usually never more than 3 way in these spots)
I will give an example of a hand:
$8000 effective in my stack- I am UTG with Queens.
SB- $6500 effective- LAG amateur pretty solid albeit with some holes
Button $7500 effect- LAG pro- very solid, very aggressive ( Anyone read that in a Teddy KGB voice?)
Blinds 25/25 but at this point was a 25/50 with the occasional 100 dollar straddles ( late in game, some guys very stuck already)
I open for $325 SB calls and Button re-raises to $800 Button is a very aggressive pro who's 3 bet ratio is highest at table and from the button even higher. Tough to put him on a hand in the spot because of his frequency, especially from that spot.
SB calls and I decide to call and see what the flop brings and how I can play post flop - 3 to flop.
Flop 10d 2d 4h
What would you all do here?
Check call? Probing 1/4-1/3 C Bet? Pot sized bet?

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