Thoughts on this river bluff

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Thoughts on this river bluff

First off thanks for the feedback I've been getting, I know I've been posting quite regularly lately so I hope I'm not abusing the forum. Please let me know if I am. Anyway, what do we think about this bluff...


Hero SB $13.35
Villain BU $16.15

Hero Ah3h

V bets $0.30, Hero raises to $1.20, V calls
Pot $2.50


Hero bets $0.78, V calls
Pot $4.06

Turn Qh

Hero bets $2.89, V calls
Pot $9.84

River 6c

Hero shoves $8.48
V folds

Obviously I got the win here but was the line right throughout?

I think my raise pre was fine.
I'm range betting about 33% on flop.
Turn I barrel again as the heart comes.
River I think my A is a good blocker on this board to go ahead with the third barrel

Any comments much appreciated.

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