Tight Passive players are killing me : )

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Tight Passive players are killing me : )

Seriously though, not killing me but definitely killing my bank roll. I play on Poker Stars micro stakes currently with big dreams to hit the small stakes one day lol.

I would definitely categorize myself as a loose aggressive player, not a maniac, but definitely leaning to a loose style vs. tight.

What do we do against this player type? Check down everything unless we hit the nuts? Not build pots on draw heavy boards? Not bet with any bluffs? Otherwise not play poker, play bingo instead? Passive players are my nemesis so anything you guys can tell me would be greatly appreciated. 

Just got out of a session where I was sucked out on a couple times and had to deal with a bunch of passive players so I might sound a little hot right now... Time to read more of Jared Tendler's book I think.


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