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Too Many Questions

The biggest thing I've struggled with is semi bluffing our draws - and it's hard to find a lot of information out there on your overall range construction when it comes to what kind of semi bluffs we are putting into our different ranges. Most people just leave it at "we need to be betting our draw here" or some form of this - but they never expand upon what that actually means. We obviously can't be betting every draw in our range because we'd be significantly over bluffing - so the question become how do we decide which hands to balance our value with. So I'd like to break the semi bluffs into three types for simplicity sake
1. Weak Draws (non nutted GSSD's, low card flush draws, etc.)
2. Middling Draws (GS+FD, OESD, etc.)
3. Big Draws (OESD+FD, TP+FD, etc.)
If you could explain to me how each one of those fits into different ranges and the function they serve, or at least point me in the direction to figure that answer out for myself I would be entirely grateful. I don't know if I'm just oblivious, overthinking about this stuff, or if this is something you can't simply learn by being told but rather have to log a bunch of hands to just get the feel of it, but I feel like it's a very BIG thing that I am simply lacking knowledge on.
Edit: sorry if this question is WAYYY too vague/broad...I kinda struggle with that

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