Top and bottom facing a bet - 3 bet MW.

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Top and bottom facing a bet - 3 bet MW.

SB is a unknown, but recreational player who just started playing NL. Has been loose aggro preflop with some marginal hands like J10o from UTG, playing about 40% of hands. He has also made some moves where he check raised As6c on 8s7s7h board from MP after a bet and a call. Very capable of bluffing.

six handed ($3/$5)
BTN ($400) limps $5
SB ($1500) raises to $15
hero BB ($1,040) Qs6s calls $10
BTN calls $10

Flop ($45) Qh-Td-6d
SB CB $20
Hero Qs6s raises to $70
BTN calls $70
SB 3B to $275
Hero calls $205 more.
BTN folds.

After the $205 call we have about $750 behind and he has me covered. What is the correct play on the turn if it comes a brick like 2c? Are we stacking off here or folding to aggro rec? Started the hand just over 200bb deep. Also is Q6s preflop a fold given a limp and 3bb open?

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