Top pair good kicker

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Top pair good kicker

PokerStars Hand #217865956986: Hold'em No Limit ($0.05/$0.10 USD)
UTG: ($31.96 in chips)
MP: ($9.73 in chips)
CO: ($8.69 in chips)
BU: ($18.14 in chips)
SB: HERO ($11.05 in chips)
BB: VILLAIN ($20.31 in chips)

Dealt to HERO [Qh Ac]
UTG: folds
MP: folds
CO: raises $0.20 to $0.30
BU: folds
HERO: raises $0.70 to $1
ViLLAIN: calls $0.90
CO: calls $0.70
FLOP [8h Ah 7c] Pot: ~$3
HERO: bets $1.40
VILLAIN: raises $1.40 to $2.80
CO: folds
HERO: calls $1.40
TURN * [8h Ah 7c] [4c] Pot ~$8
HERO: bets $3
VILLAIN: raises $4.80 to $7.80
HERO: calls and is all-in

Unknown villain but in the few hands I played with villain was pretty aggressive. So I put a good amount of flush draw combos in his range. Thats why I bet so small on turn was to induce a bluff raise with any flush draws villain may show up with. Im losing to 15 combos of (AK, 88, 77) but beating/chopping with 22 combos of (AQ, AJ, AT) plus any draws he might show up with. Dont think villain shows up with 99-QQ, and I think villain would 4-bet AK at least some of the time so I discount AK a little. Thoughts?

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