Top pair mult way paired board

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Top pair mult way paired board

Live 1-3

1 limp $500 eff
Hero raise KJhh $17 HJ $600 effective
Jose call co (very wide range, can be very splashy and overplay hands, prob has offsuit connectors and offsuit Ax in range) is a big target in game. Isn’t going to just bet 3 times when check too I don’t think $600 eff
SB call
Limper call
Flop J66r one heart
Pot $60
SB open folds
Limper check
I’m kind of curious what my overall strat looks like here. I think I’m general I want to bet like 1/3 w a lot of hands that connect, like KQ, AJ, JT(for protection), 22+, etc. I kinda think I should check Jx sometimes as I will not have much 6x, and Jose on my left can have a lot of offsuit combos. I’m kinda thinking KJ and QJ with no backdoor could be used for this

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