Top two pair MW on a dynamic flop _ KhTh on KcTc5h

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Top two pair MW on a dynamic flop _ KhTh on KcTc5h

Please provide any feed back you can.
Preflop - Are you folding this hand UTG? I think its a mix for me, but typically I think I should fold it in a 9 handed game.
Flop - What sizing are you using?
Turn - Are you barreling, if so for how much?
River - I can't seem to find a call here vs anything I beat.

I did consider check raising flop, but figured just betting would be best.

Hero UTG ($500) KhTh raise to $15
UTG1, HJ, BTN, and BB all call.
Five ways.
Flop ($75) KcTc5h
Hero $45
UTG1 calls
others all fold.
Heads up

Turn ($165) Kc-Tc-5h-Qc
Hero KhTh - $70
UTG1 calls.

River ($305) Kc-Tc-5h-Qc-As
Hero Checks
UTG1 bets $200
Hero folds.

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