tough riverspot in 3bet pot - 200LIVE

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tough riverspot in 3bet pot - 200LIVE

blinds 2/2 - effective stacks 400+, full ring
HERO AQs -- opens to 12
folded to the SB who 3bet to 40
BB folds
HERO calls

* SB good reg player, didn't assume he was 3betting bluffing in this spot since there was no dead money and I was opening UTG *

FLOP: 10s 5s 10x
SB: bets 30
HERO: calls

SB: checks
HERO: check backs

* decided to check back since didn't want to face a 2bet and trying to underrep my hand (like 77-JJ) *

SB: Checks again
HERO: bets 50

* Since my hand is underreped I def think i could get some (thin) value against AK AJ hands I decided to go for small value, still I was a bit scared about a trap because of the preflop action but thought checking back was def too passive *

SB: reraises to 210
HERO: couldn't figure out what to do.. Since I was blocking full houses aces and queens (total 2 combo's left), tanked for a while and thought maybe he is turning KK (or even JJ) into a bluff..

What do you guys think about this spot?

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