Tough spot KK in 4 bet pot.

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Tough spot KK in 4 bet pot.

Deep Live 2-5 game

8 handed
UTG fish limp
UTG +1 raises 25 (3k effective)
Hero LJ raises 85 KsKh (2.3k effective)
Folds around UTG+1 raises 220 hero flats.

Flop Q42cc.
Villain bets 300
Hero calls.

Turn is 5d
Villain best 500
Hero calls.

River is Kd.
Villain checks.
Hero shoves for around 1.4k.
Villain tank calls.

*Villain I tagged as bad rec player. There was one hand where I flopped the nuts KJ on q109ss. I bet flop he called and on turn blank he min craised with j10o. I shoved for around 6x his craise amount and he called off.
*He has been playing pretty snug since and limp calling a lot of hands. He doesn't open often.

Should I have called the turn and if the river is a blank would you have called the river? I felt maybe my turn call wasn't ideal. This is a casino in Korea where you rarely see 4 bets and even less likely do that and double barrel bluff? On the other hand, he does seem like he can spaz.

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