TPTK, nut blocker is it enough to make a call vs fish?

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TPTK, nut blocker is it enough to make a call vs fish?

Hey guys, have some uncertainties about this hand.
Up to the river is somewhat standard. (Was wondering about 3bet shove on the flop, but he can have a bunch of air)
But on the river.. to be honest against reg I would fold, since this line (especially with that sizings) is pretty underbluffed.
Well, this player is a fish as you can see. Sample is only about 60 hands, but its enough to say, that he is a volatile player profile.
I called the river, because he was quite active at the table so far
In one hand he cold call 4bet with 77 and on a board T86 rainbow, pushed all in against my 1/5cbet.
So I was like why should I fold this time? What if he is playing now something like the 77 before.
I made a decision based on fact that he is able to bluff more than he should and even that he can take this line with something totally random. I also thought, that he may value bet AK and AQ with some non-zero frequency.

What do you think? How would your decision-making process looks like?

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