TPTK facing min raise on flop - .5nl zone

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TPTK facing min raise on flop - .5nl zone

HERO($8.72) is UTG+2

UTG calls .5
HERO has AKdd raises to .22
BB calls .22
UTG calls .22
(pot .68)

FLOP 7c 6d Ks
BB checks
UTG checks
HERO bets .40
BB raises to .80
UTG folds
HERO calls .80
(pot 1.87)

I decided to just flat the min raise from BB since we're both relatively deep and our hand plays well enough to play most turns when we have the backdoor flush draw. Feels like BB can have worse kings here and draws such as 89s/54s/8T. Some of the time we're gonna be behind to hands like 76/77/66. I dont think raising in this spot plays well in the long run but am not positive so any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

TURN: 3d
BB bets 1.14
HERO calls 1.14
(pot 4.15)

I think the turn is always just a call when we pick up the nut flush draw to go w tptk. Think this street is pretty straight forward as played.

BB bets 1.90
HERO calls 1.90

I think this is where i should be able to get away from my hand instead of calling. Our hand is essentially a bluff catcher cause we're behind all of his value range after he c/r flop and leads both turn and river. I think he value owned us cause he bet relatively small compared to what was in the pot. Feels like we got taken to school on river. What do yall think? Is there ever a case for calling here in this spot as played? Any insight/critique is openly appreciated. Cheers

BB has 77, wins 7.95

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