TPTK HU passive line

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TPTK HU passive line

SB: $199.12
BB: $50.91 (Hero)
Hand is played at HU Zoom and I do not have many hands on villain though he has been aggressive thus far. I had played a similar hand previously where I checked flop after three betting and called twice before folding to his river barrel. The fact this hand played out the same way makes me lean more towards calling.
Preflop ($0.75) (2 Players)
Hero was dealt A K
SB raises to $1, Hero raises to $3.50, SB calls $2.50
Flop ($7.75) Q 9 T (2 Players)
Hero checks, SB bets $4.67, Hero calls $4.67
I think the flop hits his range pretty hard and we have two overs along with the gutshot so I think we have enough equity to continue but don't really want to bloat the pot by cbetting.
Turn ($17.09) Q 9 T A (2 Players)
Hero checks, SB bets $11.50, Hero calls $11.50
Good card for us though it continues to improve his range as well. I would imagine most villains would be quite polarised in this spot so c/r does not achieve anything.
River ($40.09) Q 9 T A 6 (2 Players)
Hero checks, SB bets $179.45, and is all in, Hero folds
Villain insta shoves river for around a pot size bet and Im conflicted even after playing around with different ranges. On one hand we have top pair in a 3bet pot after taking a passive line against a villain who has previously been aggressive in this spot.
However I have no evidence to suggest villain is betting recklessly on all runouts and he can have a lot of 2p+ hands that would still shove the river plus I assume he would check back at least one street with some pair+draw hands as well. Therefore the only pure bluffing combos are Jx and Kx hands that have not made a pair which is not really enough combos.
I think folding is fine but was worried it is fairly exploitable after checking flop to then fold on one of the few turns that improve us.
Final Pot
SB wins $38.84

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