TPTK Situations From Last Live Session

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TPTK Situations From Last Live Session

I play mostly NL200 on Bovada, 6-max and FR, where effective stacks tend to be around 100bb and TPTK situations tend to be pretty straight-forward. Have been playing a bit of 2/5 live of late, where most pots are multi-way and effective stats are a bit deeper. I don't think I am playing my TPTK hands correctly in these spots against a more weak-passive player pool. Curious of general thoughts on a few of these TPTK situations from last session.

Hand 1
Hero is UTG+1 with AhQc
Effective stacks with main villain = $740
Raise first in to $20
4 callers, including BB
Flop Qh8h3h
Checked to hero, bets $65
1 fold, MP raises to $200, everyone folds back to me. Hero?
I haven't been at table long so not much of a read, but villain is older (70s), and seems unlikely to get out of line in multi-way pots. I feel like I block everything I beat.

Hand 2
Hero is UTG+2 with AcQc
Effective stacks with main villain = $800
Raise first in to $20
3 callers, including both blinds
Flop AdTc4c
Checked to hero. Hero bets $55. HJ and main villain raises to $185. Folds to hero. Hero?
Villain is probably the tightest person at the table. I have seen him show down a nut straight and KK after a 3-bet pot.

Hand 3
Hero is BB with AsKs
Effective stacks with main villain = $750
There are 3 limpers in EP and MP, 2 of whom are generally terrible and I want to play pots with
Button raises to $25. Read on button is not extensive but seems generally competent and his raise seems undersized for this game, which I infer as a "pot building" bet in this game.
Hero in BB calls. I want to play a large multi-way pot with my hand with a couple of the limpers (fully expecting them to call), rather than iso 3-bet. Perhaps this is over-eager.
1 fold. 2 weak limpers call
Flop: KcTd2h
Hero leads $80
MP player calls $80
Button raises to $330

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