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TPTK w redraw to straight facing overbet shove on flop - .5nl zone

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TPTK w redraw to straight facing overbet shove on flop - .5nl zone

HERO($17.68) is UTG+1

HERO has AKo, raises to .15
BU raises to .45
BB raises to 1.57
HERO calls 1.57
BU folds
(pot 3.46)

This hand was tough for me to play. When BB 4b over BU raise it indicates hes more weighted towards value hands instead of just trying to squeeze. Is it reasonable to be flatting here w our stacks? I cover BB and am in position w top of my range. Should we be shoving over top of BB raise or is flatting reasonable in this spot? The BU still left to act makes things tougher but leaned towards flatting so can realize equity and be in position throughout hand versus BB should BU fold. Is this play decent or do i need to be getting stacks in?

FLOP: Ad Tc Jd
BB bets 7.12 and is all in
HERO folds

BB leads all in for 2x the pot. Idk what hands we're beating when he does this given the line he took. Seems his combos of hands he could have in this spot are AJs/ATs/TT/JJ( idk if he plays his AJs/ATs pre flop as a 4b so wont have those too often). He could possibly have AA even tho we block that w our hand. I thought theres chance he has AK/AQ - more so AK. I decided to fold cause given as played only beat one combo of hand i imagine he plays this way - AQs. His value hands - AA/JJ/TT/AJs all crush us on flop. we're nvr drawing dead w straight draw but getting awful price. Should i always be calling this? Our hand is strong but shrinks when villian overbet shoves the flop. Thx for any input/advice as this hand was a head scratcher for me. Cheers

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