truth about micros and all these 'crushers' you see on internet

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truth about micros and all these 'crushers' you see on internet

It's always funny to me when I see all these youtubers/bloggers who play 70k hands from nl2 and they get to nl50 and they act like they're crushers. The thing is, people who move up like that most likely run good as well. There's no way to move up like that without running good or decent. You can have a stretch of 20k hands when you can't do literally nothing. Every runout, every all in, bad cards, you just can't do anything against it even if you're the best player in the world, especially when people take the aggresive route with BRM. That's why it's always funny to me when someone played nl10 for 50k and he/she says that they beat the limit for 15bb/100. Some will say that they run under EV and they still beat the limit, the thing is that the EV line doesn't tell about bad runout and you having to fold, it doesn't tell you about coolers like set over set, or AA vs KK. Tha'ts my little rant.

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