Solver ouput 3bp TT4 flop bb vs btn

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Solver ouput 3bp TT4 flop bb vs btn

Been using Pokerscientist and I'm very surprised by the output of some pair boards in 3b pots.
For instance on BB vs BTN on TT4 BB is betting around 3/4 pot 63% of the time and betting around 1/3rd the rest.
This isn't something I myself have ever done and also isn't something I see from other players.
Firstly I wanted to check this is actually correct? I'm assuming it is but would appreciate if someone with pio could verify.
Also interested to know why. I don't see what betting so big accomplishes, particularly with the overpairs. I can only think it's because we want to generate a lot of folds straight away with the weaker parts of our range so have to bet our strong value this way to balance.
I personally bet most of my range small in this spot and may also do a bit of checking.

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