Turn Barrel strategy in singel raised pots.

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Turn Barrel strategy in singel raised pots.

Need help with turn strategy on none brick turns.

For example on Board Q93rainbow, we cbet MP vs BB, on turns like J-T-8-9, our EV will drop with QK AQ KK,AA etc, hands that would've been very strong on a brick turn.
So we can no longer overbet, or bet 3 streets vs competent regulars right? Like we could on bricks. Compared to vs weak fish were i prefere to just barrel 3 streets here anyway since they wont checkraise and put us in tricky spots very likely, so we can betbetbet and fold to aggression.

So question is, what sizing do we want to use?
I think a big bet, but not overbet makes most sense, so we can still valuebet our toppairs at some frequency, and also playing our nutted hands this way.

My issue is vs strong regulars, they start checkraising those turns, and im in a terrible spot with say KK on a board like that. So how often are we supposed to checkback turns, and just go for 2 streets or bluffcatch rivers with those kind of medium strength hands because of the runout?

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