Turn decision 1-3 Live

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Turn decision 1-3 Live

2 Limps
Hero raise QhJc to $21 on button
First limper calls and is a pretty splashy recreational and has around $250 behind
Second limper folds

Pot = $42

Hero bet $25

turn 4h
Pot = $92

I'm tempted to barrel here with the Qh in hand, and villain potentially having stuff like A7, A2, T8o etc in range. I think the only better turn bluff combo for me in this spot would be like AhTx that I raised button with, or KhQx. If I am barreling this combo, I am prob def way out of wack, however I don't think it matters much if villain is going to show up with a wide range/raise some NFD and combo draws on the flop. Maybe I'm overthinking this and barreling is a good exploit. It's really hard for me to want to check back the turn tho. It's possible I could bluff a K/A river as well to target 9x

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