Turn Decision.

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Turn Decision.

2-5 Live

Hero raise TsTc $20 MP $500eff
Older unknown calls in MP covers

Heads Up
Flop 933ss
Hero Cbets $15

Turn Jo
Hero Cbets $35
Guy folds

Basically, I want sure if I should be merging here. It seems pretty reasonable based on the age of the guy and table presence. He feels like he’s going to generally be a more passive older guy who won’t put me in tough spots, but this may be too strong an assumption honestly.

From a range perspective, is this a turn my range would want to be betting 1/3 and 3/4 on? I could see checking some here, but Im not sure how much random older guy live is going to start bluffing. I suppose if we do check he certainly can bluff some with FD and other floated hands like KQ if he has it. Maybe we do get some stabs from 9x too I suppose. I can see merit it just betting turn like 1/3 and then doing something similar on river trying to get some loose calls from 9x or worst for 2-3 streets. I can also see using like a $40-$45 turn sizing and targeting FD and 9x specifically and forgetting about targeting the small PP that may call a small turn bet.

I actually think the second line probably makes the most sense. Just using this as a value bet and going like $40-45 targeting 9x and FD. Suppose checking could be okay too and bluff catching turn. Then if it checks thru we can value bet 9x on clean rivers.

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