Turn sizing Q

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Turn sizing Q

1-3 w $5 straddle on button
Hero covers

Hero raise TT to $25 w straddle on button

Co calls
Bttn calls
Bb calls
Co and Bb are Recs, button is a weak regular

Flop JT4cc
Bet $50
Get 3 calls

Turn 7o
Pot = $300
Bb checks w $350
Co has like $130
Bttn has $421

In the moment I bet $200, but I was considering sizing down a bit to aim for more value from Jx region. Only concern is there are a lot of draws present. Obviously 89 is an issue, but with the low spr I think I’m still betting for value and calling it off.

I suppose if I bet $150, a FD would get 1:3, so the stack w $421 would need to make an additional $225, meaning even a FD would be in break even territory. I guess something between 150-200 seems fine. Maybe somewhere in the middle, like $170. Just seems like by going too big we can let players makes correct folds here. We sacrifice some “protection”, which isn’t really a valid reason for betting anyways, to be able to actually get more value. Think that makes sense

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