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Turning 22 into a bluf versus a regular

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Turning 22 into a bluf versus a regular

The player is a decent opponent, at 10nl, as decent as we can be there :) He saw me made some good calls versus him and we have been playing on two tables together. Some 3-betting back and forth.. but not really "going after each other" or anything.

Once he check raises, I think he does this with air, he does this sometimes with the nuts or just a weaker valuehand (as shown in another hand posted here on the micro forum). I think he will probably have to fold most of his hands except the sets. Stacking of with an overpair versus a reg at 10nl doesnt seem very profitable because regs post flop are, I think, pretty nitty actually. I also have some outs. Calling the x/r is just shit, turn bet is a fold and he can still hits his outs with overcards.

How is this line?

Dealt to hero [H2 S2]
player 2: Fold
player 3: Fold
: Raise (NF) €0.22
Hero: Call €0.22
player 4: Fold
player 5: Fold
FLOP [H4 D5 C6]
Opp.: Check
Hero: Bet €0.40
Opp: Raise (NF) €1.20
Hero: Raise (NF) €2.70
Opp: Fold
Total pot €2.80 Rake €0.19
Hero: Mucks [H2 S2]
Hero: wins €2.80

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