turning set into bluff 400bb

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turning set into bluff 400bb

villain $2k has been loose/passive pre but solid post

a few hands before called a short stack's open with Q8o and raised/gii vs a cbet on a QQ6ss board

hero covers, has been opening many pots pre but didn't put significant money in post without the goods

usually plays higher stakes, i think people at the table know this


UTG limps, V limps UTG+1, CO limps

hero raises to $25 OTB with 77

i usually make it $35-40ish with 3 limpers but i was just trying to build the pot hoping to flop a set

5 way to the flop

F $125 Ts 8x 7s

checks to Hero who bets $100

Villain raises to $250

at this point i think he flopped a straight, TT and 88 are favorites to raise pre, mayyybe 2-pair but i think straight is more likely

Hero flats

T $625 6s

Villain slowly bets $250

i am 95% confident he bets more with a flush

so hero raises to $625, hoping to get villain off a straight

Villain calls

R $1875 Ax

Villain grabs some chips, acting like he is going to bet, then checks

i feel this is almost always a sign of weakness for live players, they just want to get to showdown

Villain has $1050 left

hero bets $850

spew? i know this is a very high variance play, but i can't be good if i check behind

i could have flatted the turn and gave up on the river, he was giving me good enough odds.. but i was pretty confident he would have a very tough time calling

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