Understanding PIO combo selection.

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Understanding PIO combo selection.

I often have trouble understanding nuances in PIO's strategy.

For example, I just looked at the following simple situation:

Button opens, I defend BB with Ac5d.

Flop comes Jd9d5s.

Button bets 1/3.

Now I know from other spots I've looked at in PIO that it often likes to check/raise bottom pairs, especially vs a smaller sizing.

And I felt in game like having a diamond would make it a little bit more of a check/raise than not having one, since it gives us a small bit more equity, and blocks a few more of his continues.

But when I ran the sim, I see that A5o, with or without a diamond, is never a check/raise on this board.

So now I'm struggling to see how to apply this to my game.

Sometimes PIO check/raises bottom pair vs a small cbet, sometimes it doesn't. Its hard to know what to do with this information in game.

I'm curious to hear how people go about understanding these situations.

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