Was this the right call or not

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Was this the right call or not

Hi everyone. My first post—be kind! ;)

I'm currently following the From The Ground Up course and have been dedicating a lot more time to improving my game in the last few months. But there's still a long way to go. I feel like I'm often making bad calls. I'm hoping for some thoughts/input on my decision making process on the following hand.

I'm playing a $0.01/0.02 6-max Snap NLHE
I think I'm right in saying effective stacks for the hand are $0.51 (I have $2.00)
I have no reads.

I'm in the big blind with Kd Qd

Action folds to the button who limp opens.
SB raises 5x to $0.10
I call (I did consider a 3bet but have no reads and still have button to act behind, plus I think I've been 3betting too liberally so trying to reign it in).
Button calls.
Pot: $0.30

Flop comes: Jh Tc 5s

SB checks.
I decide to take lead and bet half pot. (I figure I have good equity here with open ended straight draw and two overcards. I'm also thinking this is a good hand to turn into a bluff if I don't improve.)
Button raises $0.41 and is all in.
SB Folds
Pot: $0.86

So I'd love to know what anyone thinks of my thought process here:

Given the button limped I'm not putting Villain on pocket Jacks or Tens. Maybe pocket fives?
It's doubtful (although possible) villain has an overpair again due to his limp so I exclude QQ+
Villain may have trips, but more likely 2 pair or top pair. In hindsight he could have a strong draw (AK/AQ, but I do block those hands) or backdoor flush.

So I figure I've got 14 outs. 4xA 4x9 to make my straight and (assuming I'm against top pair) 3xK and 3xQ could be good also.

I calculate my odds of hitting my hand is 14 outs x4 (over turn and river), so I've got a 56% chance to improve.
It's $0.26 for me to call and pot is $0.86, so I round down (for ease) to 3:1 pot odds: 33% so a clear call.

Or alternatively I need 25% equity to call, and when I ran it through poker cruncher giving Villain a range limited to sets, 2pair, straight draws, overpairs, and any broadway card with a jack or ten and I had 38% equity (obviously I din't know the equity at the time, just the pot odds vs draw).

So I called.
Villain Turned over Jc9c

The board ran out 7c 5c to give Villain the flush, but I'm not concerned with the outcome of the hand, just if I made the right decision to call or not based on the situation.

Is my thinking right? Did I over-count my outs (given V could have held two pair), so catching a K or Q might not have been enough, but even 8 outs would have been a close call in my mind.

I hope I've explained that in a clear way. Any thoughts are really appreciated. Thanks all.

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