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Weird Turn Out of Position

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Weird Turn Out of Position

Live 1-3

Think my line is okay, just wasn't super confident in the hand and wanted some feedback...

2 limps (they fold so doesnt matter stack depth)

Hero raise CO w QsQd to $20 with $500 eff

Bttn cold calls w $220 stack. Unknown women. I recognize her, think she is generally loose passive, but maybe can bluff sometimes.
Heads up to flop

Pot = $40
We C-Bet $30

Turn Kc
Pot = $100

I bet $60

I didn't really want to check, as I'm not confident this player will bluff her FD's at a high frequency. I don't like betting big because we just make lower pairs likely fold at a high frequency, because after all it's live, and a K came on the turn, so I obviously have AK.

I don't like betting small, because we just give all her draws correct price to continue and realize all her equity.

So I don't mind my sizing. If she calls and binks, she technically has a breakeven calls, except she isn't getting paid off, so not really.

The only downside is I think there's a good chance lower pairs find a fold, but it's not necessarily true.

Checking is an option, but I don't like it as much unless I think she is going to be turning hands into bluffs, which I'm not sure of.

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